Lacking vision for the future?
Thin budget?
Dwindling participation?
Seeking a renewed sense of purpose?
Buildings that you serve, more than they serve you?
Feeling like you don’t have any options?
Not sure which way to turn?
Tired of trying the same things over and over and expecting different results? 

Crossroads Massachusetts, a Conference ministry, is designed for congregations that find themselves at a crossroads and want to intentionally discern their path forward.
Crossroads Massachusetts asks congregations to consider entering into an intentional season of assessment, discernment, bold decision-making and implementation.
Crossroads Massachusetts will not:
  • Force change on a congregation. The choice is always the congregation’s choice.

  • Settle conflict in the congregation. A moderate amount of conflict is a natural part of organizational life and must be engaged in any process of change.

Crossroads Massachusetts is designed to assess the strengths and challenges of a congregation as it seeks to make a faithful decision about the future of its ministry in the community.

The assessment and follow-up training is intended to help congregations gain a realistic picture of their resources for ministry, their demographic strengths, their potential for change, and their potential for vital ministry.
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